Jerry-F Enhanced Night Vision Goggle


Infrared Specifications

Detector: 12μm 640×512

Infrared Focal Length: 16mm

Infrared FOV: 25.9°×20.9°

Gain Adjustment: Support

Contrast Control: Support

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Jerry-F Enhanced Night Vision Goggle combines I² and thermal
imaging technologies to make up for the shortcomings of the former
in detecting targets, suitable for a wider range of applications. With
corresponding sighting tools, the field of vision and the division of
the sighting tool can be precisely matched to the image of Jerry-F, so
as to realize the fast capture and concealed shooting of the target


Product Specifications
Model: Jerry-F
Visual Amplification: 1×
Exit Pupil Diameter: 15mm
Exit Pupil Distance: 25mm
Diopter: -3.5~+2.5
Weight (Without Battery Pack): ≤360g
Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ +60℃
Battery Life (All Functions): ≥8h
Battery Life(I² Only): ≥60h
Display Mode:
Compass indication:
Black-hot/ White-hot/ Orange-hot, Outline,
Target highlight, Breathing alert
Azimuth/ Pitch angle/ Inclination angle

I² Specifications
I² Focal Length: 25mm
Focal Length Range: 0.25m ~ +∞
I² FOV: 40°
Gain Adjustment: Support


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