Jerry C Clip-on Thermal Imager


1. The rated battery voltage of the product is 3.7V. Please install the
attached battery in the package.
2. When “Low Power” is displayed on the screen in use, please turn off the
power supply or replace the battery.
3. Please adjust the brightness of the product according to the environment
at any time. High brightness may damage the lowlight night vision
4. This product is not recommended to be used in high-temperature
environment for a long time. If the temperature is too high, the product will
enter high-temperature protection state and shut down automatically.
5. Please ensure the battery compartment cover is installed tightly while
using in dusty or foggy environment.
6. Avoid direct sunlight, laser, and other strong radiation to the thermal
imager in any case to avoid irreversible damage

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Use Instructions

The default mode is White Hot after powered on. Short press the knob to
switch to White Hot, Highlight or Outline mode;
Short press the button to switch to Normally On or Breathing function;
(Under Normally On function, spin the knob to adjust the brightness.
Under Breathing function, spin the knob to adjust the frequency.)

In the case of long-term use, please long press the knob for shutter
correction to improve the image quality

Long press the button to enter the menu mode, and various functions can
be adjusted in the menu mode.
The CA (Contrast Adjustment) can be performed in White Hot mode, and
the TA(Threshold Adjustment) can be performed in Outline mode

Model   C2          C5        CE2         CE5
Detector Resolution)

384×288                  640×512

Pixel Pitch                  12μm
FOV20°        30.5°         20°        30.5°
(Coverage Rate of 40 ° I²)50%       76%        50%         76%
Display ModeWhite Hot, Highlight, Outline
FunctionNormally On/Breathing
Auto BrightnessSupport
Shutter CorrectionSupport
Internal Battery17335,18650(3.7V)
      (Independent Battery                        Compartment)Support

Battery Life

3.0 h (17335)  2.0 h(17335)

12 h(Independent Battery

Data InterfaceSupport
Operating Temperature-40℃~+60℃


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