MFusion OWL II Dual Vision Binocular PF6

Analog video


On the observation interface, adjust the E-zoom to X4 and enable the reticle display. In this case, press the power button to switch language.


Turn the knob to stay under the interface of” restore factory settings, : comfirm key+ photo key (Iong press at the time)to display the hidden menu:” time setting” and” SD format”o

Time setting

Short press the menu key to select the time option to be modified. Rotate the knob to adjust the blue selected number. After adjustment, short press the back key to select save/cancel.


Inqury Now

Dual vision binocular, featuring its fusion of infrared and visible light, can be used day and night for target detecting, discovering, identifying and locking in addition to its light weight, smallness, low power consumption and good concealment. As the target detection is also available in harsh conditions with this device, soldiers will be even capable with their combat capability improved.

       Infrared                                   Visual

  640×512/12μm                            800 x 600/8μm

Recognization of human       650m                                        500m
Recognization of vehicle      1150m                                        700m
Low light level          一                                         < 0.001 lus
Frame rate                                    50Hz
FOV                                  16°x13°
Vision modeThermal, Visual, Colorized fusion Monochrome fusion
Diopter                                   4~4
E-zoom                               1X/2X/4X
Storage                                    32G
Battery life                                    >5h
Power sources                                   3×18650
Weight                                     <1000g
Dimension(mm)                                 176x149x61
Protection degree                                      IP67
Operating temperature                                -40°C~55°C


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